Our Beers

Yola’s Artisan Ale (7% A.B.V.)

Yola is a contradiction. Sweet yet assertive. This imperial amber is a bottled-conditioned artisan ale able to be enjoyed at 45 degrees with or without sediment. Unfiltered, bottled-conditioned, Real Ale.

Dethhanger Quadruple Brown Ale (9% A.B.V.)

Smooth, pleasantly sweet and tart, with dark flavors and aromas of leather, meat drippings, dried fruit, apricots, sour apple, baker’s chocolate, and candi sugar. Death rides a chopper!


morningwoodcopycopyMorningwood Sour Breakfast Ale (8% A.B.V.)

Not just for breakfast anymore! Our Mornigwood Breakfast Stout combines sweet, rich, dark flavors of coffee, chocolate and cream with oatmeal. This dark beer has a tart “pop” at the end that makes it finish clean and make you crave another sip. Drink any and every time at 45 degrees with or without sediment.

CIB Seasonal Brews:

Cheri Tart – American Sour Ale (7.2% ABV)

Cheri Tart is an easier drinking sour ale, with a light but noticeable sour cherry aroma and flavor. This is one of few CIB beers we recommend drinking extra cold. The original version of this beer was a lambic made with cherries picked by us off a neighbor’s trees, due to short supply the beer was changed to a Sour Ale and contains no cherries. A great summer time beer due to it’s refreshing tartness. Available in bottles and Draught.

orangescorpcopyOrange Scorpion (7.2% A.B.V)

Made with The World’s Hottest Chilie “Trinidad Scorpion” not to mention Ghost Chilies from Volcano Peppers. This Chilie Beer  Isn’t melt your face hot but Don’t get it in your eyes! We were looking for good flavor and Spicy at the bottom of the glass. Beer Fests and Selected Draught Locations.

The Countess – Bloody Sour Ale (8% ABV)

This assertive yet approachable “Blood Red” Sour Ale is reminiscent of Oud Bruin with a dominant Sour Cherry on the nose and palette but there is a sweetness that fights and ultimately loses the balance. Behind the medium lived sour are pleasant and rich flavors of baker’s chocolate, toffee and mocha.


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